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Cleaning Bicycle Parts – It works wonders

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Cleaning bicycle parts brings out the best!

It’s a true statement, cleaning bicycle parts does work wonders. Often I get a bike whose derailleurs, hubs and other parts are covered in mud and smut. But I also know that in the old days they knew about producing quality. Chances are those grimy parts still are in good shape. Ready to be used for many more years to come. And shining in their vintage appeal. All they need is some proper care and attention. To me vintage is all about using original components and leaving as many as possible on the bicycle.

Cleaning Bicycle PartsMy first step in providing proper care is cleaning bicycle parts. I start off with dismantling the bike, taking out each and every component. In turn I disassemble those components into its constituent parts (as far as this can be done). Next I pile all parts into a plastic container, fill it up with petroleum and let it rest overnight.

If you are cleaning bicycle parts for the first time I recommend you do not mix too many of the disassembled parts in one container. Make sure you remember how to put them back together afterwards. Tip: for instance you can leave one brake intact while you disassemble and cleanse the other. Once clean you can use the intact brake as an example for re-assembling the other one.

The next day you can easily rub off the most tenacious fat, oil and dirt with a toothbrush. Once the dirt is removed I rinse the components in turpentin (white spirit) to remove any petroleum residue. This is to allow fresh grease to be applied later. You can leave the components to dry by itself and let the turpentin vaporise.

During the cleaning process I wear plastic gloves that are able to resist chemicals. I found the petroleum slowly eats away at normal ‘washing up’ gloves. And I don’t like this stuff on my skin.

In this video I demonstrate what cleaning bicycle parts looks like:

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