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Spoke length – How to calculate it!

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Get the right spoke length, it is easy as pie!

Spoke length and how to calculate it, is the very important first step in building your own bicycle wheel. A job that is not as difficult as some people want you to believe it is. True, it needs practice to get good at it. Almost like learning to play an instrument. But the steps to get there are simple and straightforward. If you stick to them you will make it work. And it gives great satisfaction to ride a bike whose wheels you build yourself. Also it gives you the freedom to choose your own combination of hub and rim.

Personally I learned the wheel building basics from many YouTube videos, like this funny one. But all of them seemed to lack something. As if they only scratch the surface, leaving the essence untouched. As a result my wheels worked, but only imperfectly. This changed when I came across a wheel building guide put together by Roger Musson. From his vast experience in wheel building he wrote down exactly what you need to know. Nothing less, and – to my delight – nothing more. All the BS is excluded and he focuses on the practical side of it. If you are serious about building, and I assume you are, I strongly recommend you get his manual (which he provides at a very affordable price). It was his guide that taught me to perfect my game, build wheels like playing an instrument and turn this work into art!

In the video I show how you calculate the required spoke length:

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