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Stylishly dressed and smartly presented.

– 1987 Gazelle ‘Champion Mondial’ mixte frame
– Granite powdercoat dressed in ‘pied de poule’ fabric
– Apple green Brooks saddle and handlebar
– Singlespeed city rhythmn gear ratio
– Sleek chrome design

For sale: € 1.850

El Corduroy

El Corduroy

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‘El Corduroy’, the bike that wears the trousers! First in a new design series of fabric covered frames.

– 1982 Gazelle ‘Champion Mondial’ frame (size: 57,5cm)
– Cream powdercoat clothed in beige corduroy fabric
– Singlespeed with dualspeed kickshift rearhub
– Radial spoked front wheel
– Schwalbe Lugano gumwall tires

For sale: € 1.150



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Exceptional look, this coppered Dutch/Italian roadbike.

– Concorde ‘Aquila’ frame
– Columbus TSX steel
– Gipiemme/Campa group
– Vintage Brooks Professional saddle

For sale: € 1.995



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A true beast from the VeloVintage stable: a ‘not-very-old-not-very-vintage’ mountainbike. Date of birth: 1998. Still, with a touch of vintage it does pretty well.

– Aluminum American Eagle frame
– Flaky brown/black powdercoat
– Unique handmade American Eagle saddle by San Marco
– Brooks turquoise leather bartape

For sale: € 1.495



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Rhubarb was crafted for a gentleman with a need for touring at the highest level. No-nonsense chique.

– Gazelle ‘Champion Mondial’ semi-racer frame
– Metallic powdercoat in Rhubarb colour
– 2 x 6 gear ratio, exactly how they liked it in 1980
– Comfortable Brooks seat

For sale: € 895



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Both elegant and distinguished. Simply “M” as this bicycle speaks for itself. Currently on display in New York City.

– Toplevel raceframe by Dutch bikebuilder Batavus
– Multilayer darkred powdercoat
– Highquality finish with original parts from
Shimano, Campagnolo and Suntour
– Completed with new parts from Brooks, Velo Orange and Elvedes

For sale (in New York): € 1.995



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Its name referring to a classic Dutch potpie dish made of potatoes and carrots. Trendy design in orange/silver combination. A singlespeed with freewheel for comfortable city cycling.klassieke racefiets

– Former RIH ‘Luxe’ raceframe, height 59cm
– Equipped with original Shimano 600 group
– High Mavic ‘Open 4CD’ racerims
– Saddle and bartape made of qualitative Brooks leather

For sale: € 795



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Build out of praised Japanese quality steel, this roadbike deserves to be called Yoi – meaning good. Crafted in Autumn its colors are a tribute to falling leafs in clear skies. Yoi is on display at Moooi in Amsterdam.retro design racefiets

– Koga-Miyata ‘Gent’s Racer’ frame from 1978
– Handpainted in Eastern blue metallic
– Equipped with Shimano ‘Arabesque’ 600 group
– Brooks B17 race saddle

For sale: € 995