Remove Rust from Chrome – Four ways to do it

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Remove Rust from Chrome – Make it Shine Again

Chrome adds a sense of quality to a bicycle and it simply looks good. However, with time rust does tend to creep under and over your  chrome. Especially if the bike is left unattended for a long period of time. Consequently your once flashing chrome now lends your bike an illusion of dilapidation. Illusions are there to be spiked and in this case it is no different. To remove rust from chrome you don’t need to be Einstein. It can be done simply and effectively. There probably are uncountable ways to remove rust from chrome. In this post and video four ways are demonstrated.

Remove rust from chromeIn terms of simplicity I really like the Tinfoil Method. We all have a roll of aluminium foil lying in our kitchen cupboard. Rip of a nice big piece and keep folding it until you have a solid, small piece that you can easily hold in your hand. Dip the tip in some water and then start scraping the rust from your chrome surface. You will be surprised how well this works. Tinfoil is harder than rust but weaker than chrome. So out goes your rust while leaving your chrome scratchless.

Other methods to remove rust from chrome depend on what your situation calls for. Fine specs of rust can be easily removed with a cloth and metal polish. I use Autosol Metal Polish. If you stumbe upon some harder bits of rust take a copper brush – a spark plug brush – to brush it off. A brush also works well to reach little nooks and crannies. For the most tenacious rust I resort to a fine grade steel wool! But only if no hope is left, because this may scratch your chrome.

Your old rotten bike may well turn out to be a rising Phoenix once you’re done. Shining like the old days. But, hay, don’t be dismayed if rust has defeated your bike. You can still have the parts rechromed again.

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