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Geplaatst door: op 12 Mrt 2013 | 2 reacties

Its name referring to a classic Dutch potpie dish made of potatoes and carrots. Trendy design in orange/silver combination. A singlespeed with freewheel for comfortable city cycling.klassieke racefiets

– Former RIH ‘Luxe’ raceframe, height 59cm
– Equipped with original Shimano 600 group
– High Mavic ‘Open 4CD’ racerims
– Saddle and bartape made of qualitative Brooks leather

For sale: € 795

2 Reacties

  1. Karel
    april 14, 2015

    Cool Dutch Design!

  2. Meindert V.
    mei 26, 2013

    Goed werk jongeman, heel goed werk.
    Meindert V. (oud fietsenmaker)


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